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Construction notes for Phase #2 can be found below.  We hope to start the NW & SW wing additions in September 2017 and hope to be finished by April 2018.  All glory to God!!!

Current Collection for the Building Fund (8-20-17)



GOAL = $600,000




Keep our building program in your prayers as we move forward.

“Were there is no vision, the people perish!” (Proverbs 29:18)


The first phase, which was the mutli-purpose building, was finished in 2014 and paid off in 2016.  That portion of the building is the blacked out portion in above photo.  NOW WE BEGIN PHASE #2!


We encourage you to check out the updates and pictures regularly on our FACEBOOK page ( 




The church family in Gulf Shores started as a mission point, planted by the brethren in Foley.  We had our first worship service on April 22, 1968.  Soon after the church began assembling they purchase property and built a building on 23rd Ave.  In the early 1990’s the eldership had a vision to build and grow.  Our current property was purchased and the building was built (2414 West 1st Street).  Our first worship service in this facility was on July 6, 1997.  As we continued to grow a decision was made to start a building fund for a multi-purpose building.  We broke ground on October 7, 2012 and held our official open house on February 2, 2014.  As of last week we officially DEFT FREE!  Praise the Lord!

We are currently following a 3 phase process (see the construction plans/boards).  Phase #1 = build a multi-purpose building.  We built the new multi-purpose building to provide our church family and community with a facility that has multiple functions.  It can be used as a disaster relief distribution center, auditorium for worship, classrooms, outreach center, fully functioning gymnasium, etc.  This stage is completed and paid off.  However, there is still more work to do as we move forward.  

Phase #2 is now in the early stages of planning.  This will include expansions on the southwest corner (classrooms and offices) and the northwest corner (classrooms and workroom).  We DO NOT have target for cost or a date for construction, but rest assured that you will learn more over the coming months.  We are keeping funds now for this phase.  Please contribute to the building fund as often as you can!

Once we have paid off Phase #2 we will hopefully move to Phase #3.  Phase #3 will include renovations to the current auditorium, old fellowship area, foyer, classrooms, nursery, offices, kitchen, and possibly the stage area.  It is not entirely out of the question for us to do some of those (but not all) and the same time we complete Phase #2.  However, at this time we are still in the praying and planning phase.


Above all, we need to PRAISE THE LORD!  We stepped out on faith and God blessed us!  In our planning, praying, and praising we need to remember ultimately Who was responsible for our success.  GOD IS GOOD!  Let’s work together to build up the church and challenge ourselves.  May God continue to bless His kingdom!


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