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The first website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net  It is an interactive Bible study course entitled: "Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" consisting of 25 lessons.  The purpose of this course is to teach the non-Christian what he must do to be saved.


The second website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net/worship   It is an interactive Bible study course entitled "Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?" consisting of 24 lessons.  The purpose of this course is to teach one what the Bible says we must do to worship God in spirit and in truth.


The third website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net/faithful  It is an interactive Bible study course entitled: "Are You Being Faithful To The Lord Until Death?" consisting of 26 lessons.  The purpose of this course is to encourage the faithful Christian to remain faithful and committed to the Lord, to help the Christian who is weak in the faith to become more faithful, and for the Christian who has become unfaithful to come back to the Lord.


The fourth website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net/bulletin  It is entitled "Biblical Church Bulletin Articles" and has a number of short articles suitable for inclusion in church bulletins or used as tracts. 


The fifth website is www.netbiblestudy.net/denominations and is entitled: "Denominational Doctrines."  This study contains brief descriptions giving where and when each of the denominations listed began  and who started them.  Also given are some of their basic beliefs.


The sixth website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net/lessons  It is entitled "Bible Class Lessons" and has a number of Bible class lessons on various subjects to help ground us in sound doctrine of the Bible.  These lessons are suitable for Junior High, High School, and Adult classes.


The seventh website is http://www.netbiblestudy.net/evangelism  It is a 13 lesson study entitled: "How To Do Personal Evangelism" and has a 3 lesson Bible study that you can download and print to help you teach others the gospel.


The final website is http://on-this-rock.org/  It is a website supported by the Baldwin County churches of Christ.  It broadcasts sermons, singing, and wonderful messages from the word of God 24/7/365.


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