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 EvangelismRay's 2009 Sermons   
Ray's Sermon Outlines

"God's Greatest Gifts" Series
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
God's Greatest Gifts: His PresenceRay Reynolds12/1/200989.50 KBDownload1008
God's Greatest Gifts: His PlanRay Reynolds12/1/200990.51 KBDownload1112
God's Greatest Gifts: His HealingRay Reynolds12/1/200991.12 KBDownload1064
God's Greatest Gifts: His CleansingRay Reynolds12/1/200991.15 KBDownload1154
God's Greatest Gifts: His WordRay Reynolds12/1/200990.48 KBDownload1198
God's Greatest Gifts: His FamilyRay Reynolds12/7/200988.82 KBDownload1102
God's Greatest Gifts: His GraceRay Reynolds12/7/200989.19 KBDownload1048
God's Greatest Gifts: His SonRay Reynolds12/21/200989.37 KBDownload1242
God's Greatest Gifts: His ReturnRay Reynolds12/21/200978.81 KBDownload1092
God's Greatest Gifts: His BlessingRay Reynolds12/22/200990.07 KBDownload1211
"God's Team" Series
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
God's Dream TeamRay Reynolds12/22/200964.02 KBDownload1308
Recruiting New MembersRay Reynolds12/22/2009136.89 KBDownload1036
God's PlaybookRay Reynolds12/22/200925.89 KBDownload1237
Teamwork: Doing Our PartRay Reynolds12/22/2009128.33 KBDownload1070
Developing Team ChemistryRay Reynolds12/22/200929.33 KBDownload1060
4th Quarter ChristianityRay Reynolds12/22/200960.26 KBDownload1068
The Right EquipmentRay Reynolds12/22/200916.74 KBDownload978
The Red ZoneRay Reynolds12/22/20094.73 KBDownload1048
"The World Needs Hope" Series
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
Why Do We Need Hope?Ray Reynolds12/22/2009119.96 KBDownload1215
Words of Hope in the Old TestamentRay Reynolds12/22/20094.26 KBDownload1005
Words of Hope in the New TestamentRay Reynolds12/22/20094.36 KBDownload1007
Words of Hope from JohnRay Reynolds12/22/200919.43 KBDownload1022
Words of Hope from PeterRay Reynolds12/22/200915.69 KBDownload989
Words of Hope from PaulRay Reynolds12/22/200918.43 KBDownload1009
Christ's Living HopeRay Reynolds12/22/20092.36 KBDownload994
"The Stories of Jesus" Series (The Gospel of Luke)
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
Jesus, The Master StorytellerRay Reynolds12/22/200917.25 KBDownload1825
Building Bigger BarnsRay Reynolds12/23/200941.33 KBDownload1020
Dressed & Ready For ServiceRay Reynolds12/23/2009109.69 KBDownload1250
How To Build A TowerRay Reynolds12/23/2009132.07 KBDownload1088
How To Go To WarRay Reynolds12/23/200939.46 KBDownload1090
Hurricane Proof HomesRay Reynolds12/23/200955.19 KBDownload1034
I Owe, I Owe, So Off To Work I Go!Ray Reynolds12/23/200928.83 KBDownload1082
Keep On KnockingRay Reynolds12/23/200922.07 KBDownload1468
Kingdom BuisnessRay Reynolds12/23/200973.83 KBDownload1209
Leaving the 99Ray Reynolds12/23/200955.63 KBDownload1069
Lego My EgoRay Reynolds12/23/200940.52 KBDownload1149
Lost & FoundRay Reynolds12/23/20099.94 KBDownload1089
Please Excuse MeRay Reynolds12/23/200938.33 KBDownload1048
Radical Faith & ServiceRay Reynolds12/23/200929.41 KBDownload1046
Seeking The LostRay Reynolds12/23/2009310.41 KBDownload1069
Sentimental ValueRay Reynolds12/23/200983.90 KBDownload1141
Special Invitations - RSVPRay Reynolds12/23/200944.01 KBDownload997
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The TreeRay Reynolds12/23/200931.24 KBDownload1098
The Pitfalls of the Rich & InfamousRay Reynolds12/23/200911.39 KBDownload1231
The Reward of a Nagging WomanRay Reynolds12/23/200919.42 KBDownload1107
The Word of a Servant of GodRay Reynolds12/23/200949.37 KBDownload1102
Trading PlacesRay Reynolds12/23/200911.65 KBDownload1051
When The Right Get It WrongRay Reynolds12/23/200974.03 KBDownload1040
Won't You Be My Neighbor?Ray Reynolds12/23/2009148.59 KBDownload1037
Nehemiah Series: "Answering the Call of God!" (The Building Blocks of Growth)
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
Nehemiah: IntroductionRay Reynolds12/22/200910.15 KBDownload1468
Building Block #1 = PRAYINGRay Reynolds12/22/20099.25 KBDownload1083
Building Block #2 = PREPARINGRay Reynolds12/22/20097.50 KBDownload995
Building Block #3 = ORGANIZINGRay Reynolds12/22/200933.23 KBDownload986
Building Block #4 = GIVINGRay Reynolds12/22/200911.34 KBDownload995
Building Block #5 = LIVINGRay Reynolds12/22/200957.11 KBDownload985
Building Block #6 = REFLECTINGRay Reynolds12/22/200944.66 KBDownload1056
Building Block #7 = LEADINGRay Reynolds12/22/200974.63 KBDownload1037
Building Block #8 = TEACHINGRay Reynolds12/22/200939.03 KBDownload1030
Building Block #9 = WORSHIPPINGRay Reynolds12/22/200978.17 KBDownload1003
Building Block #10 = COMMUNICATINGRay Reynolds12/22/200985.94 KBDownload1040
Building Block #11 = SERVINGRay Reynolds12/22/200916.85 KBDownload1009
Building Block #12 = REJOICINGRay Reynolds12/22/2009123.52 KBDownload966
Building Block #13 = GROWINGRay Reynolds12/22/200931.34 KBDownload1030
Topical Sermon Outlines 2009
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
Beyond What I SeeRay Reynolds12/22/200923.14 KBDownload1201
Can "I" Make A Difference?Ray Reynolds12/22/20099.73 KBDownload1018
Can "U" Make A Difference?Ray Reynolds12/22/200910.39 KBDownload999
Communication in the Communication AgeRay Reynolds12/22/200911.76 KBDownload1011
Do A Good Turn DailyRay Reynolds12/22/200984.34 KBDownload1161
Faithfully Following JesusRay Reynolds12/22/200983.02 KBDownload1330
Final = Jesus 3, Satan 2Ray Reynolds12/22/200995.02 KBDownload1019
Five Things God Has Never SeenRay Reynolds12/22/200929.38 KBDownload980
How Can Grace Change Your Life?Ray Reynolds12/22/200933.39 KBDownload1068
I Am A Soldier in the Army of My GodRay Reynolds12/22/20093.14 KBDownload1242
In Memory of Jesus ChristRay Reynolds12/22/200920.99 KBDownload1030
Jesus Loves MothersRay Reynolds12/22/200916.55 KBDownload1173
Leaving The Lights OnRay Reynolds12/22/20096.34 KBDownload1073
Lord, Here Am I, Send Someone Else!Ray Reynolds12/22/2009181.14 KBDownload1139
One Brick At A TimeRay Reynolds12/22/200920.39 KBDownload1177
Part of the VineRay Reynolds12/22/20099.24 KBDownload1036
Radical Christian LivingRay Reynolds12/22/200943.16 KBDownload1032
Seven Steps to Becoming a Better ChristianRay Reynolds12/22/20097.60 KBDownload1552
Silver Spoon SyndromeRay Reynolds12/22/200938.23 KBDownload1389
Strengths We Have in GodRay Reynolds12/22/20095.51 KBDownload1303
Take Your Best ShotRay Reynolds12/22/200924.12 KBDownload1077
The Amazing Christian RaceRay Reynolds12/22/200955.48 KBDownload1045
The Killer B'sRay Reynolds12/22/2009638.05 KBDownload1249
The MISSION of the ChurchRay Reynolds12/22/200962.38 KBDownload1028
The Power of LoveRay Reynolds12/22/200970.31 KBDownload1046
The Secret to Christian AssuranceRay Reynolds12/22/200965.38 KBDownload1034
This Little Light of MineRay Reynolds12/22/200939.44 KBDownload1105
Watch What You SayRay Reynolds12/22/20099.85 KBDownload982
What Goes Around Comes AroundRay Reynolds12/22/200916.43 KBDownload1323
What's On Your Mind?Ray Reynolds12/22/20099.26 KBDownload1094
Why Should You Attend Bible Class?Ray Reynolds12/22/2009113.80 KBDownload1266
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