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 EvangelismRay's Special Lessons   
Ray's Special Lessons

The following lessons I have used throughout the course of the designated year in a summer series, youth devotional, gospel meeting, preacher's meeting, Christian school classroom, chapel service, or other service. 

2018 Special Lessons
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2017 Special Lessons
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SCA Chapel Speeches (2015-2016) Ray Reynolds1/11/2017697.91 KBDownload144
The Seven Things The Lord HatesRay Reynolds3/27/2017151.90 KBDownload100
It Is Well (SCA Commencement Address)Ray Reynolds5/15/2017235.83 KBDownload100
Making Reservations in Heaven (GCBC)Ray Reynolds6/7/201784.92 KBDownload115
The Amazing Love of God (Robertsdale)Ray Reynolds6/7/2017315.32 KBDownload98
Finding Unity With God (Summerdale)Ray Reynolds6/19/2017172.66 KBDownload60
Eagle Scout Ceremony for Devin SpiveyRay Reynolds7/3/2017650.17 KBDownload101
The Gospel Story (Wed Devo)Ray Reynolds7/3/2017217.42 KBDownload66
Faith and Works of James (TITUS)Ray Reynolds7/24/201762.05 KBDownload57
What Lies Beneath (SCA Chapel 8-28-17)Ray Reynolds8/30/2017278.86 KBDownload42
What Still Lies Beneath (SCA Chapel 9-19-17)Ray Reynolds9/19/2017274.40 KBDownload29
Making Sense of SufferingRay Reynolds10/9/2017135.00 KBDownload26
Rooted in Christ (Study Guide)Ray Reynolds10/16/2017812.67 KBDownload40
The Cost of Being a Christian (SCA Chapel 11-2-17)Ray Reynolds11/4/2017263.45 KBDownload30
Stand Fast in Your Faith (Lone Cedar)Ray Reynolds11/4/2017260.50 KBDownload33
The Blessed Life (SCA - Spiritual Emphasis Day)Ray Reynolds11/4/2017203.19 KBDownload25
The REALLY Blessed Life (SCA - Spiritual Emphasis Day)Ray Reynolds11/4/2017216.18 KBDownload32
Sermons from the Cuban Mission FieldRay Reynolds11/20/20171.13 MBDownload26
Thanksgiving Service 2017Ray Reynolds11/22/2017146.47 KBDownload17
2016 Special Lessons
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Who is Going to Lead? (AGCCA)Ray Reynolds1/21/2016366.15 KBDownload274
Are You The Salt of the Earth?Ray Reynolds1/28/2016329.49 KBDownload249
Are You The Light of the World?Ray Reynolds1/28/2016335.17 KBDownload244
Are You The City on a Hill?Ray Reynolds1/28/2016339.35 KBDownload285
The FOCUS of God's Family (SES)Ray Reynolds2/16/2016159.19 KBDownload306
The Salt Life (KYM Retreat)Ray Reynolds2/25/20161.90 MBDownload308
Bible Altars & OfferingsRay Reynolds4/21/2016505.35 KBDownload343
Travelling Tips for the Sojourning Family (Winter Haven)Ray Reynolds5/25/2016482.07 KBDownload356
#keepinitreal when #thestruggleisreal (Lipscomb)Ray Reynolds7/3/2016423.03 KBDownload237
God Loves Sex: Reclaiming SexualityRay Reynolds7/19/2016422.93 KBDownload253
Speech 101 (TITUS Camp)Ray Reynolds7/19/2016499.14 KBDownload259
The Faith of Abraham & Sarah (Cloverdale)Ray Reynolds7/19/2016204.97 KBDownload203
Passion for Leadership (Summerdale)Ray Reynolds8/15/2016151.06 KBDownload256
Water Adventure: Peter Walks on Water (GCBC)Ray Reynolds8/17/201656.89 KBDownload297
Keep Your Focus (Fairview)Ray Reynolds9/21/2016287.89 KBDownload242
Sharing Your Story (SCA)Ray Reynolds10/5/2016160.71 KBDownload201
Giving Thanks (SCA)Ray Reynolds11/17/2016297.41 KBDownload205
The Problem of Pornography (Men's Class)Ray Reynolds11/17/2016490.43 KBDownload176
Family Retreat 2016 (GCBC)Ray Reynolds11/17/2016723.08 KBDownload193
Thanksgiving Service 2016Ray Reynolds11/22/2016234.20 KBDownload179
Christmas Service 2016Ray Reynolds12/22/201650.61 KBDownload135
2015 Special Lessons
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I Am Saved By...Ray Reynolds1/13/2015206.24 KBDownload406
There Is A GOD (Spiritual Enrichment)Ray Reynolds2/6/2015370.76 KBDownload576
Comments, Complaints & Criticisms (HCU Alumni Days)Ray Reynolds3/8/201535.13 KBDownload542
Christ-Centered Leadership (Cloverdale)Ray Reynolds4/16/201590.76 KBDownload420
Christ-Centered Discipleship (Cloverdale)Ray Reynolds4/16/2015143.62 KBDownload612
Christ-Centered Fellowship (Cloverdale)Ray Reynolds4/16/2015217.51 KBDownload371
You Can't Spell Good Without God (Forsyth)Ray Reynolds5/13/2015118.44 KBDownload406
A Graduation Survival Kit (AGCCA Commencement Address)Ray Reynolds5/26/2015116.29 KBDownload403
Wilderness Survival Manual (GCBC 2015)Ray Reynolds6/15/2015196.37 KBDownload406
Surviving Temptation (GCBC Worship Service)Ray Reynolds6/15/2015118.17 KBDownload413
The Hopefulness of Abraham (TITUS Camp)Ray Reynolds7/23/2015168.33 KBDownload401
A Church That Fasts (Robertsdale)Ray Reynolds7/28/2015123.37 KBDownload338
A Question of Willingness (Regency)Ray Reynolds8/19/2015481.50 KBDownload357
Satan, Wicked Angels, & Demonic Activity Ray Reynolds10/19/2015165.05 KBDownload354
Hunger & Thirst Games (University Retreat)Ray Reynolds11/4/2015351.38 KBDownload334
Thanksgiving Service 2015Ray Reynolds11/24/201597.37 KBDownload334
How To Reach Millennials (Preacher's Forum)Ray Reynolds12/13/2015111.18 KBDownload515
Christmas Devotional 2015Ray Reynolds12/22/2015161.42 KBDownload312
New Years Devo - Looking Forward to 2016Ray Reynolds12/29/2015190.05 KBDownload296
2014 Special Lessons
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40 Days of Prayer (2014) - UPDATEDRay Reynolds1/21/2014Download1165
Harmony of the GospelsRay Reynolds1/27/2014Download566
The Book of Acts (Summary)Ray Reynolds2/10/2014Download617
Christian Apologetics (SACS)Ray Reynolds3/18/2014Download1017
The church of Christ?Ray Reynolds4/1/2014Download555
Postitive vs. NegativeRay Reynolds4/28/2014Download507
The Lord’s Plan For LeadershipRay Reynolds5/27/2014Download530
HCU Commencement Address (5-10-14)Ray Reynolds6/19/2014Download495
AGCCA Commencement Address (5-16-14)Ray Reynolds6/19/2014Download651
Witnesses for JesusRay Reynolds6/19/2014Download565
Christians - The Sidekicks of JesusRay Reynolds8/29/2014Download887
Developing Young Leaders (HCU)Ray Reynolds10/12/2014Download553
The Courage of Jesus (Gulf Coast Men's Retreat)Ray Reynolds11/7/2014Download651
Thanksgiving Service 2014Ray Reynolds11/25/2014Download434
Christmas Devotional 2014Ray Reynolds12/22/2014Download420
2013 Special Lessons
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New Beginnings & Fresh Starts (New Year)Ray Reynolds1/24/2013Download723
Seven Wonders of the WorldRay Reynolds1/24/2013Download737
Animals In Heaven?Ray Reynolds1/24/2013Download1096
The Establishment of BishopsRay Reynolds1/24/2013Download741
Under Construction (G.U.L.F.)Ray Reynolds1/24/2013Download743
How can we have spiritual unity?Ray Reynolds2/6/2013Download758
Make A DifferenceRay Reynolds2/6/2013Download882
Leadership in SocietyRay Reynolds2/18/2013Download706
The Freedom of Forgiveness (AGCCA)Ray Reynolds3/18/2013Download698
II Corinthians 10-13 NotesRay Reynolds4/8/2013Download697
When Can I Talk to God? (AGCCA)Ray Reynolds4/22/2013Download683
Effective Fervent Prayers (AGCCA)Ray Reynolds5/2/2013Download636
Romans 13 NotesRay Reynolds5/2/2013Download616
Haggai: Buiild the HouseRay Reynolds6/24/2013Download910
Learning to ShareRay Reynolds7/29/2013Download652
The Need For Christian LeadershipRay Reynolds7/29/2013Download753
Walking With Jesus The Last Mile of the WayRay Reynolds8/5/2013Download724
Passion For Relationships (DHCOC)Ray Reynolds9/30/2013Download597
Passion For Jesus Christ (DHCOC)Ray Reynolds9/30/2013Download562
Passion For Christian Living (DHCOC)Ray Reynolds9/30/2013Download626
Thanksgiving Service 2013Ray Reynolds12/1/2013Download573
Christmas Devotional 2013Ray Reynolds12/16/2013Download624
2012 Special Lessons
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The Gospel in 3'sRay Reynolds1/23/2012Download791
The Power of One (YAW Booklet)Ray Reynolds5/14/2012Download1000
Passion for Life (GCBC Booklet)Ray Reynolds6/4/2012Download721
Jesus: One of Us (Hebrews 2)Ray Reynolds6/19/2012Download725
Stay On Track By Putting Jesus FirstRay Reynolds6/25/2012Download1076
The Christian Model for Business EthicsRay Reynolds7/23/2012Download785
Lead the Way (Paul, The Apostle)Ray Reynolds7/23/2012Download741
TITUS Camp Speech 101Ray Reynolds8/13/2012Download803
Biblical Witnessing As Living EpistlesRay Reynolds8/13/2012Download877
Seven Things The Lord HatesRay Reynolds8/23/2012Download776
Passion for the Christian LifeRay Reynolds9/4/2012Download953
Passion for Christ & His SacrificeRay Reynolds9/4/2012Download787
He Grew The TreeRay Reynolds9/24/2012Download3354
An Attitude AdjustmentRay Reynolds10/1/2012Download812
What Is The Christian Life?Ray Reynolds10/1/2012Download721
Restore The JoyRay Reynolds10/1/2012Download781
Reasons to RejoiceRay Reynolds10/1/2012Download766
What Does The Bible Say About Friendship?Ray Reynolds10/1/2012Download803
Spiritual Lessons About Congregational GrowthRay Reynolds10/1/2012Download874
Christians Fear Nothing, But GodRay Reynolds11/5/2012Download890
Leadership Principles of NehemiahRay Reynolds11/12/2012Download1073
Ten Steps to Fighting FairRay Reynolds11/19/2012Download747
Thanksgiving Service 2012Ray Reynolds11/25/2012Download687
Remembering Jesus the Christ (Christmas Service)Ray Reynolds1/24/2013Download657
2011 Special Lessons
 TitleOwnerModified Date Clicks
Fulfilling Your DestinyRay Reynolds3/21/2011Download981
Jesus Is My Hero: Motivation (Guys)Ray Reynolds5/2/2011Download922
Jesus Is My Hero: Motivation (Girls)Ray Reynolds5/2/2011Download985
A Recipe For SharingRay Reynolds7/19/2011Download813
Forgiving Each OtherRay Reynolds8/4/2011Download885
Our God is Working (Romans 8:28)Ray Reynolds8/15/2011Download838
Do I Really Have To?Ray Reynolds8/15/2011Download948
The Divorce Rate (2011)Ray Reynolds9/1/2011Download930
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Introduction & Questions)Ray Reynolds9/15/2011Download958
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Pyramids)Ray Reynolds9/15/2011Download818
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Conclusion)Ray Reynolds9/19/2011Download921
365 Messianic PropheciesRay Reynolds10/19/2011Download877
I Am Thankful . . . . Ray Reynolds10/19/2011Download765
Checking Our Vital SignsRay Reynolds11/28/2011Download829
What Is The Christian Life?Ray Reynolds11/28/2011Download839
Hope For The FutureRay Reynolds12/5/2011Download857
What's So Golden About The Golden Rule?Ray Reynolds12/6/2011Download888
2010 Special Lessons
 TitleOwnerModified Date Clicks
The Basics of UnityRay Reynolds2/25/2010Download1140
The Pornography PlagueRay Reynolds4/28/2010Download1815
Spirited Singing in Christian WorshipRay Reynolds6/7/2010Download1004
Marks of a DiscipleRay Reynolds7/27/2010Download946
The Good, The Bad, & The UglyRay Reynolds7/29/2010Download1059
Our God Is Greater Than Our FearsRay Reynolds8/9/2010Download1125
To God Be The GloryRay Reynolds8/23/2010Download1045
Just Do It #1 = How Can I Find The Motivation?Ray Reynolds10/4/2010Download950
Just Do It #2 = How Can I Avoid Selfishness?Ray Reynolds10/4/2010Download923
Just Do It #3 = How Can I Stay Motivated?Ray Reynolds10/4/2010Download904
The Distraction of the ChurchRay Reynolds11/1/2010Download992
212 #1 = ExplorationRay Reynolds11/28/2010Download967
212 #2 = MotivationRay Reynolds11/28/2010Download959
212 #3 = ImplementationRay Reynolds11/28/2010Download932
212 #4 = RepresentationRay Reynolds11/28/2010Download900
2009 Special Lessons
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
A Call To ZealRay Reynolds12/1/200968.37 KBDownload1021
Passionate ChristianityRay Reynolds12/1/200943.93 KBDownload1507
Religiously Mixed MarriagesRay Reynolds12/1/200934.97 KBDownload1122
Something To Think AboutRay Reynolds12/1/20094.32 KBDownload999
The Family Is About Happiness & SafetyRay Reynolds12/1/200929.19 KBDownload988
The Lord's PrayerRay Reynolds12/1/2009302.10 KBDownload1215
What Is Thanksgiving?Ray Reynolds12/1/200955.61 KBDownload1197
Thanksgiving Service 2009Ray Reynolds12/22/200991.65 KBDownload943
Pre-Christmas Devotional ServiceRay Reynolds12/22/200940.57 KBDownload1024
2008 Special Lessons
 TitleOwnerModified DateSize Clicks
Recognition in HeavenRay Reynolds4/9/201429.97 KBDownload555
The Story of SamsonRay Reynolds4/9/201469.96 KBDownload584
An Attitude of Gratitude (Thanksgiving)Ray Reynolds4/9/201459.26 KBDownload571
Scouting A ChristianRay Reynolds4/28/201697.46 KBDownload318
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