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TITUS Camp 2013 Notebook (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
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2013 TITUS Theme


Thank you for your support and attendance this year at TITUS Camp during our 9th annual camp. We had a wonderful camp session! The kids were wonderful, the staff was amazing, and our time together really felt as though we were "walking with Jesus." At the end of camp, we were still collecting funds to pay off our camp debt to HCU. At the time of graduation we owed about $2400. However, many have contributed since camp concluded and we paid our debt!  As we plan for future years, please help us collect funds to keep this amazing ministry going. May God bless us all in our service to the Lord! Let's keep walking with Jesus!

TITUS Campers 2013

Timothy Campers

Luke Reynolds (Foley, AL)

Alex Duncan (Booneville, MS)

Joshua Mayo (South Fulton, TN)

Ethan Kemp (Florence, AL)

Peyton Ezell (Fayetteville, TN)

Luke Rubelsky (Prospect, TN)

Justin Watson (Rogersville, AL)

Nathan Elrod (Fayettelville, TN)

Josh Eldridge (Killen, AL)

Jayly J. Jackson (Laurel Hill, FL)

Gunnar Sherrill (Town Creek, AL)

Brian Smith (New Hope, AL)

*Zayne Parker (Florence, AL)

Marshall Steelman (Fayetteville, TN)

Matt Prentice (Baldwyn, MS)

Colin Tate (Rogersville, AL)

John St. Clair (Florence, AL)

Austin Sager (Columbus Grove, OH)

Russ Trollinger (Badlwyn, MS)

Mac Trollinger (Baldwyn, MS)

Mason Jones (Florence, AL)

Byron England (New Hope, AL)

Tanner Bradley (Killen, AL)

Ethan Shulte (Brookport, IL)

Jordan Godsey (Grant, AL)

Kason Lawrence (Gideon, MO)

Reed Linam (Gulf Shores, AL)

Tyler Senn (Florence, AL)


Brandon Whitsett (Gulf Shores, AL)

Zach Sanderson (Paducah, KY)

Justin Godsey (Grant, AL)

Josh Cantrell (Gallatin, TN)

Sean Hope (Cullman, AL)

Adam Chalmers (Centerville, GA)

Steven Russell (Killen, AL)

*Paul Garretson (TN)


Tabitha Campers

Tristin Harmon (Killen, AL)

Sidney Harmon (Killen, AL)

Ashley Harrison (Killen, AL)

Cara Grace Berry (Killen, AL)

Whitney Branson (Huntingdon, TN)

Morgan Honey (Fayetteville, TN)

Lydia Dial (Killen, AL)

Kimberly Kirk (Florence, AL)

Karen Kirk (Florence, AL)

Jennie-Carol Maddox (Booneville, MS)

Lydia Rubelsky (Prospect, TN)

Alyssa O'Byrne (Florence, AL)

Dixie O'Byrne (Florence, AL)

Hannah Bigham (Killen, AL)

Carrie Rozar (Taft, TN)

Jasmyn Jackson (Laurel Hill, FL)

Lauren Lindley (Guntown, MS)

Lauren Medley (Florence, AL)

Zoie Linclon (Lexington, AL)

Jasmine Mitchell (Gulf Shores, AL)

Paige Rizzo (Lexington, AL)

Maggie Blankenship (Wilmer, AL)

Lydia Braswell (Killen, AL)

Chloe Allen (Florence, AL)

Rachel Pounders (Florence, AL)

Cassidy Mosher (Arkadelphia, AR)

Callahan Mosher (Arkadelphia, AR)


Kacie Leonard (Picayune, MS)

Sarah Beth Searcy (Muscle Shoals, AL)


* Denotes that the camper did not complete the week of training.

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