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TITUS Camp 2015

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TITUS Camp 2015 (THEME)

This was our 11th annual leadership training camp at Heritage Christian University.  Over the past 11 years we have mentored 264 students from 111 congregations in 12 different states.  Those students have returned to their home congregations with training necessary to lead the Lord’s people in various ministries.  To God be the glory!

Each year we choose a timely theme to help us focus on training for the Lord’s service.  This year's theme for TITUS Camp was "Prayer Warriors."  We considered several great Bible characters that believed in the power of prayer: Moses, David, Elijah, Daniel, Hannah, Anna, Deborah & Mary.  Each camper studied one specific character and delivered a lesson, on that person’s prayer life, to a local congregation. 

Twenty-two Shoals area churches have hosted our students over the years.  This year we visited eight congregations: Center Hill church of Christ (Florence), Cloverdale church of Christ (Cloverdale), East Colbert church of Christ (Muscle Shoals), Eastwood church of Christ (Florence), Florence Blvd. church of Christ (Florence), Jackson Heights church of Christ (Florence), Pine Hill church of Christ (Waterloo), and Salem church of Christ (Florence).  We are proud to have the unwavering support of these congregations!  The church families at Pine Hill and Eastwood have supported the camp since our foundation. 

In order to aid our own spiritual journey we considered different kinds of prayers for our Manna in the Morning sessions (i.e. conviction, dedication, supplication, appreciation, consecration, and intercession).  Each afternoon chapel speeches, from our staff members, were concerning the use of the armor in the Army of God (i.e. helmet, breastplate, belt, shield, sword, and shoes).  Every evening “Power Hour” devotional introduced other great aspects of being a prayer warrior (i.e. stories on the persistent widow, the apostle Paul, Abraham, Solomon, Hezekiah, and Jesus).

Studying about becoming a great prayer warrior, and reflecting on the lives of other prayer warriors, is just the beginning.  We seek application of what we have learned.  Therefore, campers and counselors were given a prayer journal at the beginning of the week.  Each day quiet time was observed for prayer and meditation along with journal topics.  One mid-week service included a prayer walk around the campus to encourage us to think about our own spiritual journey.  We signed prayer books, prayer cards and also visited local nursing homes to pray with shut-ins.

The journey is not over!  The prayer warriors are just beginning a great journey of faith.  PLEASE follow their progress, open discussions, and updates from our Facebook page (, Twitter page (@TITUSCamp), or this site for updates.  

Ray Reynolds, Director of TITUS Camp

TITUS Campers 2015



Timothy Campers

Luke Reynolds (Foley, AL)

Seth Reynolds (Foley, AL)

Alex Duncan (Booneville, MS)

Joshua Mayo (South Fulton, TN)

Matthew Moran (Killen, AL)

Levi Dial (Killen, AL)

Jayly Jackson (Laurel Hill, FL)

Titus Thompson (Huntsville, AL)

*Seth Lewis (Fairhope, AL)

Bryan Vickers (Baldwyn, MS)  

Mason Jones (Florence, AL)

Joshua Hudgins (Hartsville, TN)

Peyton Ezell (Fayetteville, TN)

Adam Chalmers (Centerville, GA)

Luke Rubelsky (Prospect, TN)

Tyler Senn (Florence, AL)

Marshall Steelman (Fayetteville, TN)

Russ Trollinger (Baldwyn, MS)

Ethan Kemp (Calhoun, GA)

Samuel Kemp (Calhoun, GA)

Steven Russell (Killen, AL)

J.D. Cantrell (Gallatin, TN)

Logan Richardson (Florence, AL)

Devin Spivey (Foley, AL)

Peyton Osborn (Foley, AL)

Spencer Parker (Huntsville, AL)

Matt Prentice (Baldwyn, MS)

Jadan Barrow (Niceville, FL)

Xander Pasley (Corinth, MS)

Jaysek Burgess (Florence, AL)

Samuel Hostetter (Readyville, TN)

Daniel Smotherman (Savannah, TN)


Tabitha Campers

Sidney Harmon (Killen, AL)

Lydia Dial (Killen, AL)

 Maggie Nichols (Florence, AL)

Kacie Leonard (Picayune, MS)

Ashley Harrison (Killen, AL)

Jasmyn Jackson (Laurel Hill, FL)

Jenay Jackson (Laurel Hill, FL)

Rachel Pounders (Florence, AL)

Kiersten Duke (Killen, AL)

Dixie O'Byrne (Florence, AL)

Lydia Rubelsky (Prospect, TN)

Kimberly Kirk (Florence, AL)  

Lydia Braswell (Killen, AL)

Kendall Stansell (Florence, AL)

Sarah Beth Searcy (Florence, AL)

Josie Pearson (Florence, AL)

MaKayla Richardson (Athens, AL)

Kaitlyn Richardson (Florence, AL)

Zora Osborn (Foley, AL)

Kala Heaton (Gulf Shores, AL)


*Denotes that the camper attended, but did not graduate.


TITUS Camp 2015 Application
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