The ladies group from Gulf Shores Church of Christ make bags, hats and blankets for the babies and pediatric patients. The ladies paint the bags, knit baby hats and blankets and stock the bags with items that will help moms when they get home.

Grieve WEll

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to bring some form of comfort for those who are grieving their loss as the holiday season begins. We will try to give some examples of how others have coped during the holiday season.

Holidays seem to be the worst time of year for those who have had a death in the family. Beginning with Thanksgiving thru the first of the year seem to be the hardest. Not to say other holidays, for example, Easter, birthdays of the loved  one, 4th of July ,etc.  but holidays that everyone seems to be excited about tend to be some of the most overwhelming times for the grieved ones.

Seems like every year Christmas ads are getting earlier and earlier. Halloween is barely over and here come the Christmas trees, etc. in the shores.

Holiday television ads seem to begin earlier and earlier also. So naturally the grieved one begins to  remember times past, ,be anxious, and everyone seems so happy!  “Life is not fair, doesn’t everyone see how I am hurting, don’t they care!!” This phrase or something similar is thought by a lot of people who are hurting. Life does go on and traditions continue. But, who says traditions have to continue, who says change can not be implemented. Continue the tradition if that is what you want. Talk about your loved one, change traditions.

If you feel the need to talk to someone about your lose reach out to the ministers ,elders, or others who have experienced loss in their families.

Its okay to be joyful during the holiday season. Even when our hearts are aching with sadness…..In so doing you will honor the memory of your loved one in beautiful ways.

                                                                                                               Karla Wheeler

We will be having several things on our church website to help with easing your pain.